System integration is the cornerstone for any successful implementation—without careful attention to how new technology must interact with existing systems and where the new process fits into the business operation, the implementation is doomed to fail.

Integration with your existing business applications and processes is critical in ensuring a smooth transition and successful user acceptance. At IDESS, we use our business process re-engineering expertise to discover and understand your operational processes and existing technology infrastructure, and how they relate to technology trends, people, and regulatory requirements.



Integrations Services:

  • Legacy System Integration

  • Image Enabling

  • Workflow Development

  • Web Development

  • Share Point Development

  • .NET Development

  • Portal Collaboration

  • Data and Content Migration

Professional Services:

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • System Analysis and Design

  • Business Process Integration

  • Implementation, Installation and Training

  • Ongoing Hardware and Software Support

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