The Power of Nostalgia While Traveling For Business



During the last few weeks I have been fortunate enough to travel around different parts of the world. It was mainly on business (with a bit of sightseeing) that I had the opportunity to enjoy the people and their very unique culture and history. Coming back home to Puerto Rico was as they say — “There is no place like home.” In the weeks that followed my return home I have grown nostalgic and pensive about what the last few trips have taught me.

I was privileged to be a part of a forum in Vienna with MasterControl Quality Controls Group, which we represent in Puerto Rico as well as visiting Fujitsu Brazil Corporate Headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In both instances I witnessed the dedication and advances each company had in their respective technologies, as well as the human element involved which was both impressive and exciting.  Technology companies are changing people’s lives more and more every day in many ways, and it is exciting and humbling to be a part of it.

As I arrived back home to my list of “thank you notes” to write as well as a back log of assignments and duties to tend to, I was confronted with very sad news — the loss of an industry colleague and friend, a shining light, full of wisdom as well as heart of gold. He cared about technology but most of all he cared about people and making a difference in this world.

I would like to share with all of you a video in which he discusses his views, business philosophy, and what the #1 purpose of a business should be. In these challenging times we are facing, particularly in my beautiful Puerto Rico, I hope his words will be as inspiring to you as they have been for me.



As president of Image Direct – IDESS, Inc. we continue to strive to find the best technologies and solutions in the information management spectrum, making a contribution to the steady stream of improvements for the overall benefit of the people we are privileged to serve.

As my friend Curt would say, “We can’t save the world but at least we can make a difference”.