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Enhancing Business Performance with TruCode from TruBridge: A Proven Solution

At IDESS, we understand the critical importance of achieving the Quadruple Aim in healthcare: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of healthcare providers. Our innovative solutions are tailored to assist, Hospitals, insurance companies and healthcare providers in meeting these multifaceted goals.

Driving Revenue Growth with TruCode from TruBridge

As part of its on-going mission, IDESS continues to bring to market and locally support solutions that meet a niche and much needed alternative for our business entities. For 15 years our encoder solution TruCode has been successfully implemented and adopted in many of our hospitals in Puerto Rico, at first it was a much-needed alternative, but through the years more and more of our Hospitals attest to the many benefits that TruCode has afforded the organization, improving documentation, revenue cycles, better care, savings, overall efficiencies and ROI.

Partner with TruCode & IDESS for Healthcare Excellence!

Optimizing Healthcare Operations with Cutting-Edge Technology

Intelligent Data Capture: We offer state-of-the-art Fujitsu scanners coupled with powerful Kofax software to streamline data capture processes across various healthcare operations. This potent combination ensures that critical business processes such as patient admissions, revenue cycle management, Health Information Management (HIM), Human Resources, and Accounts Payable are efficient, accurate, and secure.

Patient Admissions: Simplify and accelerate the patient intake process with our scanners and software, ensuring that all necessary documentation is captured digitally from the outset, improving patient experience and administrative efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management: Implement our solutions to enhance the accuracy of billing and coding, facilitate faster claims processing, and improve cash flow. By digitizing and automating these tasks, we help reduce errors and delays, contributing to healthier revenue streams.

Our partnership with TruBridge brings you the TruCode Encoder, a solution specifically designed to enhance revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. With TruCode, you can expect:

Revenue Growth: Maximize reimbursement through precise coding and streamlined claim submission processes.

Error Reduction: Minimize billing errors with intelligent code suggestions and validations.

Cost Reduction: Reduce operational costs by automating coding tasks, which allows staff to focus on more strategic revenue cycle initiatives.

HIM (Health Information Management): Securely capture, store, and manage patient records and critical health information. Our intelligent scanning solutions ensure that data is easily accessible for healthcare professionals, thus supporting better patient care and compliance.

Human Resources:  Healthcare employs large numbers of employees. Transform your HR department with digital records that streamline employee onboarding, training, and benefits management. By automating HR documentation, we help you focus on the human element of healthcare.

Accounts Payable: Managing accounts payable automation has never been more important and easier to automate.   Automate invoice processing and financial documentation capture to speed up transactions, improve accuracy, and enhance financial reporting.

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