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Intelligent Data & Document Capture

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IDESS: Harness The Power of Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) For Advanced Intelligent Automation

Unveiling the Future of Business Process Efficiency with Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) TotalAgility®

IDESS proudly presents the Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) TotalAgility® Platform, a groundbreaking solution at the forefront of intelligent automation. This platform merges the latest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax), delivering unparalleled efficiency in data-intensive workflow automation. Customize and extend the platform with intelligent automation solutions tailored to conquer your most complex operational challenges.

Intelligent Document Processing with Cognitive Capture

Embrace the advanced capabilities of cognitive capture and AI in the Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Intelligent Document Processing solution. Transform the way you process unstructured data, automating the extraction of information and unveiling insights that drive business efficiency to new heights.

Seamless Process Orchestration with Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax)

Efficiently coordinate and manage your digital workflows. Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) process orchestration tools enable you to automate and streamline your business processes with ease, reducing errors and unlocking the full potential of your business operations.

Integrated Systems for Optimized Operations

Maximize your operational efficiency with Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) seamless integration capabilities. Connect your critical business functions, enterprise applications, legacy systems, and mobile devices, streamlining workflows and propelling productivity forward.

Realize Cost Savings with Automated Efficiency

Shift towards more automated processes to witness substantial cost savings. Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) intelligent automation leads to faster, more consistent results, minimizing operational friction and optimizing cost-effective workflows.

Minimize Errors with AI-Powered Automation

Reduce the potential for costly errors in your operations. Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) AI-powered automation minimizes human error, ensuring cleaner, more reliable data and results.

Effortless Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance with Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) automated systems. Monitor, report, and manage compliance issues efficiently, safeguarding your business against fines and maintaining a robust compliance standing.

Enhancing Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Elevate your workforce by liberating them from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on high-value activities. Simultaneously, transform your customer interactions with rapid, reliable responses, leveraging the power of Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) to enhance overall satisfaction.

Future-Proof Your Workflows with Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax)

Strengthen your business against emerging challenges with Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) intelligent automation. Enhance cybersecurity, tackle inefficiencies, and maintain your competitive edge in an increasingly automated world.

Industry-Specific Solutions with Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax)

  • Healthcare: Streamline patient care with efficient information processing.
  • Banking & Financial Services: Automate AML and KYC compliance, enhancing customer onboarding.
  • Insurance: Accelerate claim processing and unify customer data for improved service.
  • Retail: Optimize vendor management and accounts payable, staying competitive in the market.
  • Supply Chain: Revolutionize your supply chain management with automated solutions for inventory and procurement.

Recognitions and Awards

IDESS and Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) have received prestigious accolades for excellence in intelligent automation, affirming our leadership in the industry.

Explore Tungsten Automation’s (Formerly Kofax) Suite of Intelligent Automation Solutions

  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) TotalAgility: A comprehensive platform for accelerating business processes through integrated document intelligence.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) RPA: Automate complex, multi-step tasks across various systems effortlessly.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Insight: Deliver advanced analytics for optimizing operational business processes.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Communications Manager: Engage effectively with customers through innovative document management.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Capture: Integrate content capture directly into critical business workflows.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Monitor: Maintain peak performance of your Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) software with real-time monitoring.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) PSIcapture: Transform documents into actionable information with advanced capture technology.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) PSIsafe: Manage your documents and files efficiently for enhanced business control.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) CloudDocs: Secure your data in the cloud with our advanced document storage solution.
  • Ephesoft Transact: Extract meaningful data from any document format or source.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Mobile Capture: Simplify processes with mobile solutions for document capture and verification.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Mobile ID and Verification: Streamline identity verification processes quickly and securely.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Marketplace: Access a wide range of pre-built codes, robots, and templates.
  • Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) Transformation: Maximize document processing efficiency to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Partner with IDESS and Tungsten Automation (Formerly Kofax) for Intelligent Automation Excellence!