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What We Do

We use cutting-edge tech and teamwork to create unique solutions for our clients.

Welcome to IDESS, where over two decades of expertise in information management and governance converge with strategic alliances to redefine industry standards. Our longstanding partnerships with global technology leaders such as Ricoh, TruCode/TruBridge,  Fujitsu/Ricoh, MasterControl, BizTech Solutions, Indicium, and Kofax enable us to deliver unparalleled service and solutions across Healthcare, Financial, Commercial/Industrial, and Life Science markets. 


Markets We Serve

In a Healthcare, efficient patient care is paramount, digital transformation streamlines operations, reduces costs, and secures sensitive data, and ensures compliance. Our solutions for electronic health records, admissions, human resources, accounts payable, coding, and automated workflows allow healthcare providers to focus on what matters most – patient outcomes.

For the banking industry, digital transformation means enhanced customer service and robust security. IDESS's digital mailrooms and AI-driven data analysis tools offer banks the agility to respond to market changes and customer needs swiftly.

Commercial enterprises can leverage our AI and digital mailroom solutions to handle large volumes of invoices, delivery receipts, customer communications, ensuring timely and accurate responses that drive customer loyalty and cost reducts. QMS and MES solutions manage production compliance, quality and efficiencies.

Our commitment is to equip your organization with cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation, ensure quality, and streamline operations.

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Our Vision

Our Vision for Innovation and Excellence

At IDESS, we’re not just about solving complex challenges; we’re about foreseeing and preparing for them. By aligning with the best —Fujitsu from Ricoh, TruCode from TruBridge, MasterControl, BizTech Solutions, Indicium, and Kofax — we’ve established a foundation of innovation, reliability, and excellence that empowers businesses in Puerto Rico and Latin America to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Legacy

A Legacy Built on Expertise and Trust

For over 20 years, IDESS has been the beacon of information management excellence. Our deep-rooted knowledge, coupled with our partners’ technological prowess, equips us to address the unique challenges of the regions we serve. We specialize in crafting solutions that enhance knowledge worker productivity, accelerate business process speeds, and cut down costs, ensuring that your business remains agile and ahead of the curve.


Strategic Partnerships that Power Success


Our collaboration with Fujitsu provides advanced scanners that serve as the gateway to a more organized, digital business environment.


TruBridge’s TruCode medical coding software stands as a pivotal tool for enhancing coding outcomes in healthcare. 


In partnership with Master Control, we ensure stringent compliance and quality management across all documentation processes.

BizTech Solutions

BizTech Solutions brings its expertise to optimize your business workflows and process automation, driving productivity and innovation.


With Indicium, we offer tailored solutions that tackle complex data capture and management needs with finesse.


Our alliance with Kofax allows us to leverage intelligent automation software that revolutionizes your approach to information governance.


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