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Workflow & Document Management

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Elevate Industry Efficiency With Document Imaging And Workflow Automation

In an era where digital transformation dictates the competitive landscape, industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, banking, and commercial business verticals are embracing document imaging and workflow automation to streamline their operations. By integrating advanced solutions like INDICIUM and Kofax, organizations can optimize their document-related processes, from accounts payable to compliance, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving accuracy.

Manufacturing: Accelerating Production Cycles

In the fast-paced manufacturing sector, time is directly tied to productivity. Document imaging and document management  convert physical documents(unstructured data) into digital formats, speeding up the sharing and retrieval of critical information like product specifications, supply chain documents, and quality control reports. Workflow automation with INDICIUM and Kofax ensure seamless coordination between departments, reducing lead times and facilitating quicker decision-making. Common applications include:

  1. Human Resources (HR):
    • Employee Onboarding and Records Management: Automates the storage and management of employee records, including contracts, performance reviews, and personal information.
    • Policy Distribution and Acknowledgment Tracking: Distributes policies and tracks acknowledgments, ensuring employees have read and understood company policies.
  2. Finance and Accounting:
    • Invoice Processing: Automates the capture, tracking, and approval of invoices, reducing manual entry and speeding up the payment cycle.
    • Expense Reporting: Streamlines the submission and approval of expense reports, making it easier to track and manage employee expenses.
  3. Sales and Marketing:
    • Contract Management: Automates the creation, approval, and renewal of sales contracts and agreements.
    • Content and Collateral Management: Manages marketing materials, sales brochures, and other documents, ensuring the most current versions are used.
  4. Legal and Compliance:
    • Document Retention and Destruction: Automates the retention schedule for legal documents and ensures timely and compliant destruction of documents when they are no longer needed.
    • Litigation Support: Organizes and manages documents related to legal cases, making it easier to search and retrieve necessary files.
  5. Operations and Administration:
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Management: Manages and distributes SOPs and ensures that the most current procedures are accessible to all relevant staff.
    • Facility Management Documents: Keeps track of facility-related documents like leases, maintenance records, and safety protocols.
  6. Information Technology (IT):
    • License and Asset Management: Tracks software licenses, hardware assets, and related documents, ensuring compliance and timely renewals.
    • Change Management Documentation: Manages documents related to IT changes, including change requests, impact analyses, and approval documents.
  7. Research and Development (R&D):
    • Project Documentation: Manages technical documents, research papers, and project reports, ensuring easy collaboration and version control.
    • Regulatory Compliance Documents: Manages documents related to regulatory submissions, certifications, and approvals.

Each department benefits from tailored functionalities of document management software, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and overall effectiveness in their specific operational contexts.

Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Care and Privacy Healthcare providers manage a constant influx of patient records, test results, and insurance paperwork. With INDICIUMS’s document imaging, sensitive healthcare records are digitized, enhancing data security and accessibility. With TruCode by TruBridge claims can be coded accurately helping automate revenue cycle management.   Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) is also integrated with advanced DOLBEY AI technology.

Insurance: Optimizing Claim Processing The insurance industry thrives on information accuracy and timely service. Document imaging simplifies the claims process by digitizing claims forms and supporting documents. INDICIUMS’s and Kofax’s automation streamline workflows from initial claim submission to final settlement, improving customer satisfaction. Key applications include:

Banking: Securing Transactions and Building Trust Banking institutions handle numerous transactions daily, requiring impeccable record-keeping and security. INDICUMS’s solutions ensure critical financial documents are digitized, indexed, and securely stored. Workflow automation with INDICIUM and Kofax facilitate credit assessments, loan processing, and other banking services. Common applications are:

Commercial Business Verticals: Driving Growth and Innovation Commercial businesses cover a broad spectrum of services, each with unique document management needs. From contract management to service delivery, document imaging and workflow automation introduce unparalleled efficiency. Applications include:

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: Streamlining the entire lifecycle of invoicing and payments to improve financial health.
  • Human Resources: Automating recruitment, payroll processing, and benefits administration.

Across all industries, the shift to digital document management and automated workflows is not just a trend but a strategic imperative. INDICIUM and Kofax provide the tools necessary to transform your business operations, offering robust solutions for accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, and compliance. By adopting these technologies, your organization can focus on core competencies, drive innovation, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital world.